2023 3 Ways to Fix CHKDSK Cannot Run Because the Volume is in Use by Another Process

Before getting into knowing the facts, let’s have a brief about the Dark Web. The dark web is the data of the World Wide Web that is accessible only through special software, combinations, or… Unexpected store exception error, the green screen of death error, etc. In the new window, navigate to the Services tab and uncheck the Hide All Microsoft Services box. Right-click the Start button and select Programs and Features. Type Windows defender in the search box and select Windows Defender Firewall form the best match. Press Win + + R keys to open the Run box, type msconfig and hit Enter to open the System Configuration window.

  • Microsoft Defender sometimes can be annoying and CPU hungry.
  • One way to avoid nasty hard drive surprises is to run a Chkdsk scan and repair drive problems in Windows 10.
  • A virus, spyware, or other malware program can cause .dll errors.
  • Tap on the Yes prompt to make administrator changes.

In this way, you can permanently disable antivirus on your Windows 10 computer. To disable third-party antivirus software on Win 10, generally you can right-click the program icon at the right of Windows taskbar, and choose Disable or Exit to temporarily turn off it.

Launch the ‘DisableAntiSpyware’ file, set the Value data to 1, and hit Enter. If you’re already using a professional antivirus, it doesn’t make sense to keep Microsoft Defender, as it may cause unnecessary bugs and frivolously eat up your PC resources. Microsoft Defender is infamous for blocking apps that it considers being unsafe; turning off the Defender can help in such cases. If you absolutely need to run an app that Defender has issues with, and you’re sure it’s safe, you may want to turn windows.shell.search.urihandler.dll off Defender. OneDrive OneDrive, Microsoft’s online file storage / file syncing service, was first introduced as SkyDrive in 2007, but changed names to OneDrive in 2013 after some legal issues.

Before running chkdsk /r, check bad sectors for valuable files, as they may get deleted after the process completes. Chkdsk /r is not meant to be a data recovery program, and it sometimes doesn’t recover corrupted files properly. The safest method for data recovery is to use a previously created backup, or to ask an expert before executing chkdsk /r.


These setting replace the default settings when that particular user logs in. In the newer versions of Windows, the registry files like SAM, Security, Default are stored in a %SystemRoot%\System32\Config\folder. Understanding the version of Windows that you’re analyzing can have a significant impact on your examination. For example, Windows XP maintains System Restore Points by default, which means that depending on the system being used, you may have access to a great deal of historical data.

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Display help with all commands if the covered ones are not what you need. Thanks to all authors for creating a page that has been read 34,812 times. Type «DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Restorehealth» and press Enter. Type «Exit» and press Enter to close the Command Prompt window. It lists under the «Best match» header and a menu will pop up.

If you do, you’ll have to select “I own it” even though your organization actually owns the device. This error may also occurs in the privacy, background and notification settings. Now find the update that’s causing the problem and uninstall it. Finds and installs the missing DLL files instantly. Details the list of system issues and instantly repairs them.

It also allows you to extract old versions of registry hives from system recovery points . The registry is a hierarchical key-value storage system, that keeps its elements in a tree-like structure, much like a file system. The values have data types so not only strings but integers and binary data can be stored as well. If there are Registry changes that you don’t like, you can generate a .reg file to revert back the changes.

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